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Cicero: Pro Archia Poeta Oratio, 3rd Edition Student Textbook

Steven M. Cerutti

188 pages (2014) Paperback  ISBN: 978-0-86516-805-3


Pro Archia was delivered by Cicero in defense of A. Licinius Archias, a Greek poet whose eligibility for Roman citizenship was challenged in 62 BCE. Cicero’s emphasis in the speech is on literature’s humanizing value.


Cerutti provides comprehensive treatment of grammatical issues with keen analysis of the rhetorical devices Cicero wove into the oration. This revised edition includes input from Linda A. Fabrizio, author of the Teacher’s Guide, and a new appendix featuring eight selections from Quintilian.



  • Full Latin text
  • Grammatical, literary, and historical notes
  • Running vocabulary
  • Glossary of Proper Names and Places
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Eight selections from Quintilian with notes and vocabulary
  • Full vocabulary



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