Latin for the New Millennium Level 1, 2nd Edition Student Textbook

Milena Minkova and Terence Tunberg

492 pages (2017) Hardbound ISBN: 978-0-86516-807-7


The Second Edition includes a list of English derivatives for the Vocabulary to Learn of each chapter (and a new exercise in the workbook) as well as an additional eight new exercises that provide laddering and reinforcement as suggested by teachers using Latin for the New Millennium. The Second Edition also includes corrections and minor changes to macrons and illustrations. For more information on this text, click the product page link below.



  • fusion of the best of the reading approach and the grammar-translation approach
  • Latin passages in each chapter that are adapted from Latin literature
  • clear, concise grammatical explanations that flow from the Latin readings
  • abundant exercises, both Latin to English and English to Latin
  • Latin Talking section in each chapter featuring contemporary conversation topics such as “Cleaning the House”
  • variety of aural/oral exercises (in Teacher's Manual)
  • vocabulary geared to the AP® examinations
  • derivative and proverb studies
  • essays on daily life in ancient Rome and cultural information to complement the authentic Latin readings
  • scholarly essays that connect the ancient and modern worlds
  • essays on the major deities of classical mythology
  • review unit for every three chapters
  • 170 full-color illustrations, many of which are reproductions of great works of art
  • three maps custom-made for Latin for the New Millennium
  • student-friendly Study Tips and By the Ways
  • timelines of historical and literary events


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