Latin for the New Millennium Level 3 Student Textbook

Helena Dettmer and LeaAnn A. Osburn

623 pages (2012) Hardbound ISBN: 978-0-86516-760-5


Latin for the New Millennium provides students a comprehensive grounding in the full legacy of Latin literature.


LNM Level 3 is designed for all Latin 3 students irrespective of the text they used for Latin 1 and 2. Extensive review materials as well as ample vocabulary and grammar/syntax notes make this text especially student-friendly.


LNM Level 3 builds on the strong foundation of Levels 1 and 2 and provides students an in-depth experience of Caesar, Catullus, Cicero, Horace, Ovid, and Vergil as well as of the Renaissance writer Erasmus. This text provides students an introduction to unadapted Latin literature and builds their literary analysis skills.



  • Background essays that provide literary and historical context for each author
  • Two historical timelines
  • An historical overview of the Late Republic and of the Principate
  • A representative sampling of unadapted Latin selections from each author's corpus:
  • Caesar 5 readings/75 lines
  • Catullus 6 poems/79 lines
  • Cicero 8 readings/147 lines
  • Vergil 7 readings/146 lines
  • Horace 5 poems/76 lines
  • Ovid 6 readings/158 lines
  • Erasmus 5 letters/77 lines
  • Other post-antique writers 2 letters/16 lines; 2 poems/25 lines

        Total lines: 799

  • Initial reading for each author with transitional aids to ease students' adjustment to the author's style
  • Vocabulary and notes on pages facing the Latin passages
  • Grammar and syntax review sections with exercises for student practice
  • A variety of exercises that give students practice with advanced Latin study expectations: grammar and syntax practice • essay questions for each Latin reading • comprehension questions • scansion exercises
  • Latin vocabulary building lessons
  • Student-friendly Study Tips, By the Ways, and Reminders
  • 72 full-color illustrations that are both visually appealing and instructive
  • 6 maps that familiarize students with the geography in the Latin readings
  • Latin-to-English glossary


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