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Latin of New Spain Student Textbook

Rose Williams

304 pages (2016) Paperback ISBN: 978-0-86516-833-6


Representative selections from the Neo-Latin works of New Spain are here made accessible for the Latin classroom. This pioneering text presents four prose writers—Acosta, Columbus, Cortés, and Salazar—and two epic poets—Landívar and Cabrera—whose works present the Europeans' first views of the land that would become New Spain and trace the development of the preconquest Tenochtitlán into Mexico City. These authentic selections from the New World offer students who have completed their initial Latin grammar studies a special view of the full legacy of Latin literature.



  • Unadapted Latin texts from six authors and four genres: epic poetry, natural history, letters, and pedagogical dialogue
  • 345 lines of poetry; 707 lines of prose
  • Biographies and cultural context for each author
  • Synopsis before and comprehension questions after each selection
  • Vocabulary aids and grammar and word use questions that facilitate comprehension
  • One map and 36 black-and-white illustrations
  • Appendices: Background Notes on Significant Persons, Places, and Terms; Historical Timeline; Common Figures of Speech; Rhythm and Meter in Poetry; Master List of Neologisms
  • Latin-to-English Glossary



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