Latin for the New Millennium Level 1, 2nd Edition Student Workbook

Milena Minkova and Terence Tunberg

176 pages (2017) Paperback ISBN: 978-0-86516-808-4


The Second Edition workbook includes the addition of a new English derivative exercise for each chapter.


Student Workbooks supplement the Latin for the New Millennium textbooks with additional exercises and passages designed to reinforce the material presented in each chapter.



  • Content questions test students’ comprehension of each chapter’s Latin reading, background material, and grammar/syntax presentations.
  • Exercises reinforce the grammar and syntax lessons presented in the Language Facts of the student text.
  • Translation exercises from Latin to English and from English to Latin improve students’ abilities to read and write Latin.
  • Student Workbooks expose students to adapted Latin passages not only from authors introduced in the primary text but also from other authors, for example, Phaedrus, not presented in the textbook.
  • Black-and-white illustrations provide visual context for the Latin readings.



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