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Ovid: Amores, Metamorphoses Selections, 3rd Edition Student Textbook

Charbra Adams Jestin and Phyllis B. Katz

242 pages (2013) Paperback  ISBN: 978-0-86516-784-1


The source of Ovid's enduring appeal is obvious: his Amores are written with the wit and humor—and sometimes the regret—of one who has seen love firsthand. His Metamorphoses, an epic tale of transformations, is the sparkling work of a consummate storyteller.


This edition is organized to facilitate reading, comprehension, and enjoyment of a poet whose sometimes startling voice rings as clear and true today as it did in his own day.



  • Introduction to each passage
  • Latin texts of eight Amores and seven selections from the Metamorphoses
  • Same-page grammatical/syntactical/vocabulary notes
  • Glossaries of metrical terms and figures of speech
  • High-frequency vocabulary list
  • Translation tips for reading Ovid
  • Topical bibliography



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